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Application for Membership Renewal- Adult  (Overseas)

Date of Birth

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My details have NOT changed - Click here to go to the bottom to agree to the constitution, untick the box to show you are a peson, and submit your renewal.

My details HAVE changed – Please just enter the changes then go to the part marked Required at the bottom.  Agree to the constitution, untick the box to show you are a person, and submit your renewal.

The PJF publishes a directory of members available in the member’s section of the website. The committee may from time to time publish a printed directory. The Fellowship may pass personal information to affiliated organisations solely for the purpose of letting members know about performing and promotional opportunities. The details of persons under age 18 are not published.

I have a continuing interest in Punch and Judy and wish to renew my membership of the Punch and Judy Fellowship.  I agree to be bound by the constitution of the Punch and Judy Fellowship

Please untick this box to show you are a person


If you do not complete payment, the data sent as a result of completing this form will be destroyed


I am a performer and use a Swazzle in my show.  I would like my show assessed for Full Membership

The fee for adult members who would like to read ‘The Swazzle’ online is £25.  For those who would like ‘The Swazzle’ posted to them, the renewal fee is £35.