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Report on the October 2010 Punch & Judy Festival by Mark Andrews

Tube strikes and the forecast of bad weather gave us some worries about the success of our annual Covent Garden Festival on Sunday 3rd October. Will we have a good amount of shows? Will the public be put off coming to Covent Garden? However, we need not have worried. Yes, it rained, yes, the tube strike went ahead, but with an abundance of shows, the great British public did as they always do - they came, they enjoyed show after show and freely gave to the bottle.

How times have changed when it comes to promoting this festival. In years gone by, press releases, phone calls and letters were the order of the day. Now the Internet, Facebook, and E-mails generate the publicity. This year we had coverage in the Times newspaper, in-flight magazines, a Chinese TV agency and the latest bit of technology, an application (or ‘App’ as it’s known) for the iPhone, which tells the owner what’s on near their current location!

t was good to see the shows of two newcomers - Daniel Slater and Catherine Learmonth, who joined David Wilde, James Arnott, Geoff Felix, Clive Chandler, Justin Tai, Glyn Edwards and Katey Wilde. Under the stewardship of Bryan Clarke, who ensured everything ran as smoothly as possible. Bryan tells me everyone was reasonably happy with the performance times each had drawn out!

There was also buzz in the air at this year’s Festival, with the launch of our 30th Anniversary book “That’s the way to do it!” This sold very very well, thanks to our Merchandising Manager Wilma Tucker, with help from Gary Gallen and myself.

Mark Andrews

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