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A prolific writer on the history of Punch & Judy, who had many books published, in which he developed the argument of Punch’s Italian origins.

Describing himself as puppeteer, author and caricaturist of unrepentant Bohemian status! He took up Punch & Judy having purchased a battered secondhand fit-up with Punch figures for £12!

Working licensed summer beach pitches from 1964 to 1989 as Basil's Punch & Judy, he was partnered by 17 bottlers.

Michael Byrom - circa 2009

He was very reclusive, no television, newspapers or telephone until a neighbour provided him with a mobile, and even then he did not answer incoming calls. He was famous for being very forthright with his views. It wasn’t what he said but how he said it which sometimes led to controversy, notably ding-dongs with George Speaight and Dr Hans Purschke.

Michael Byrom - circa 1969 Punch & Judy its origin and evolution by Michael Byrom

MICHAEL BYROM (1924 - 2011)