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The Punch and Judy Fellowship is pledged to ensuring that its members are not asked wrongly for DBS checks (formerly CRB).   A check may only be requested when the performer is engaged in a ‘regulated activity’ as officially defined. This definition is centred on frequent and intensive contact with the same children in the same place by someone who is employed in a supervising capacity.  DBS checks are not relevant to booking a Punch and Judy performance. This includes visits to schools. Requesting a check when not required is a breach of current legislation.  More info

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Membership Status
 A ‘Full Member’ is a performer whose show has been carefully assessed and is considered by the committee of the Punch and Judy Fellowship to be providing a performance that offers ‘a basic level of proficiency’ or above.
Assessment criteria include the ability to speak with the authentic voice of Mr Punch (the swazzle), overall appearance and entertainment value.
The information in this directory is to assist you. The Punch and Judy Fellowship does not accept any responsibility for the work of artists and suggests that you take up references before entering into any contract.

When making a booking, please mention the Punch & Judy Fellowship Website

Professor Count Backwards
Telephone: 01202 949103 or 07957 214314
Simply the world's most famous puppet show - 'oh yes it is!'  This fantastic Punch & Judy show is full of laughs, surprises and plenty of shouting out. Prepare for a riotous adventure with Mr Punch and friends. So watch out everyone, he’s behind you!
With thousands of performances in every possible situation there's almost nothing Count Backwards and his trusted puppet friends can't handle. There's a fully self contained sound system, a beautiful wooden painted booth and a fabulous set of puppets.
Appeals to all types of audiences, Dorset based but available country wide. Every event and occasion catered for.

When making a booking, please mention the Punch & Judy Fellowship Website