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The Punch and Judy Fellowship

Des’ initial  task was to introduce grades of membership to the PJF constitution -  Full and Associate - because the standards of performance of members was causing  controversy.


He was elected to represent the PJF  on the 325 Committee and was responsible for obtaining the Pepys wig and costume for George Speaight and suggesting the idea of the Crocodile Conga. He was also elected as the PJF representative on the committee that created Puppeteers UK - proposing the name as an equivalent of Puppeteers of America. Des also represented the PJF  on the board  of the Puppet Centre.

Des organised an exhibition  as the PJF contribution to a puppet festival at Cannon Hill Park, Birmingham  (organised by Glyn Edwards and Clive Chandler) which included a children's try-out booth and a photographic display paid for by a legacy from  a PJF member.


He and Mavis supported  festivals at Covent Garden Birmingham, Margate, Southend, Minehead, Cliftonville and Broadstairs and, because of his love of photography, recorded the events and donated some of his best shots to the production of the PJF book. He also helped to arrange the festival in Rhyl and provided the same photo exhibition plus additional  vintage prints from old seaside postcards.