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Now in its 35th year the Punch & Judy Fellowship is the oldest organisation of its kind, devoted to keeping alive the tradition of Punch & Judy shows. You can learn more about us by clicking here.

Amongst our many members, we not only have performers, we also have collectors, historians and enthusiasts. The most famous of which is our Patron, Ken Dodd OBE, himself a great fan of Mr Punch.

Whatever your interest, we hope you enjoy your visit to our website.

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Our Annual General Meeting will take place on 10 May at 5.30PM in  London.

Full details will and meeting documents will be made available shortly.

Our partners, The Punch and Judy College of Professors, have relaunched their website!

Please see the link at the bottom of the page to see the splendid results of their efforts.

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Purchase your souvenir of Mr. Punch’s 350th Birthday year!  Visit our online shop by clicking on “Shop” on the menu at the top of this page.  

The Punch & Judy Fellowship currently works in partnership with the Punch & Judy College of Professors and is affiliated to Puppeteers UK.

The PJF is also a partner in Punch and Judy Online where you will find much information about Punch's history and his tradition.

You can visit their websites by clicking on their respective logos.

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Ken Dodd OBE

Patron of the Punch & Judy Fellowship

Ken Dodd OBE - Patron of the Punch & Judy Fellowship

John Styles, MBE, FRSA

President of the Punch & Judy Fellowship


Celebrate with us!

Buy your tickets to our celebration marking a year of milestones for The PJF and our friends.  

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